Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow
"What the Elders Have to Say"
Diane Denny

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The salete' is a gathering to raise funds. Because today the undertaker doesn't do stuff free, he charges plenty. But a long time ago, before the coming of the white man and the church and everything, there was salete' for a ceremonial reason. The person that dies - this is the last time that this person will have any effect on the community and the community members bring food together, they bring food to a house where the person lived; they bring food and they bring gifts. And at this gathering the people will exchange gifts, the family of the deceased, they might want a souvenir. If it's a man they might take his axe he used to cut wood. If it was a woman, where she used a sewing machine or something and they would exchange these gifts. And another one they brought to the widow or the widower that would help them. They all brought food and they all ate until they couldn't eat anymore. Because this is the last time that this person will be feasted. But with the coming of the white man we have to raise money and that is why today people have auctions are salete's. Stuff is brought to the hall or wherever the auction is and stuff is auctioned off and they raise money to bury this person. But still it has the same significance as it did a long time ago and it's still very holy.