Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow
"What the Elders Have to Say"
Frank Nevin
Indian Brook 

Transcript: [-]
"In the creation of our Mi'kmaq people, as the story goes. Our creator put us all with the elders and the young people, all our people, first people, the Mi'kmaq people in a big circle, and the first word we learned, Glooscap was standing there and the creator said to Glooscap "These are your people, they're Mi'kmaq". So, they were all in the circle and he said to the creator "They don't have a language", "I will give them a language". So, he says "they will speak Mi'kmaq". So they were all sitting there in a big circle and so, the creator put a big hand down in the middle of the circle, and all the elders and the kids, they were all looking at this hand. The first thing, the hand laid an egg, and they all stood up, and they pointed, and they said "Wow!". So today, that "wow" is an egg, and if you hear people speak, you know talking, and I hear a lot of people talking, in our conversation and at our dinner table or at a conference. They'll be saying to me "wow!", "oh" I said, "you know the first word do you!".