Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow
"What the Elders Have to Say"
Murdena Marshall

Transcript: [-]
"My vision of God was someone who's happy with you wether your a child or a human being, and he'll tell you jokes to make you happy if your sad, on the other hand my God shouldn't be like that at all, my God should be this gloomy person that I follow around you know? That's what they taught me in school, it disrupted my entire being for forty years. My personality doesn't allow me to be with that person, in my life I like to see happiness and joy and bright colors and all that, and thats not allowed in my faith, my catholic faith. It took me a long time to figure out the difference between the catholic faith and my own spirituality. Finally I came to a conclusion that I was satisfied with: My God is good, He cracks jokes and he smiles".