Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow
"What the Elders Have to Say"
Will Meuse
Bear River 

Transcript: [-]
Several years ago, at Millbrook Pow Wow, they had a sacred fire burning there. One of the Elders wasn't very happy with some of the songs that were sung after the retiring of the flags. There was anger and bad spirits surrounding the area; but yet there was still that heart and the love for the pow wow itself, where everyone just really were having a good time. It wasn't exactly as traditional as some would have liked, but the spirit was still there. This Elder that disagreed with this, because of the songs not being spoken all in the traditional tongue, and not necessarily being exactly in the right manner. She decided that it had to be put to an end and her and a few others went and put out the sacred fire with a bucket of water. It hadn't been out for very long when an eagle came out from over the back of the mountain. It flew over the pow wow grounds and attracted just about everyone's attention as they looked to it for some sort of guidance after seeing the fire going out. The eagle came down and flew right over, extremely close and immediately behind the eagle, the fire relit.

Pauline Bernard: I want to go back to what Will was talking about, about the eagle. I was also there at the pow wow, when that happened.