Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow
"What the Elders Have to Say"
Eel Ground School 

Transcript: [-]
On day a man went walking and the people thought the medicine was in his bag. One day the girl and a boy got greedy and wanted the gifts that they though were in his bag. On day, he woke up, went down the path and the boy and the girl, knocked him out with a stick and they alomost killed him.They ran so far into a cave and earlier that day a man who was walking and he saw the old man almost dead and he went and helped him. The boy and the girl that ran away to the cave,they didn't trust each other. They were holding the other side if the bag.The girl and the boy closed their eyes The boy opened the bag and there was nothing in it.They felt sorry because they almost killed an old man for nothing in the bag and the medicine was inside him, not anything else.He was the gift. Because we could learn more about legends and we were doing legends in our homework.We didn't know that much about them, I guess.And we got to learn about it and we had lost of fun and he was sending good spirits in us, not the bad kind. We all got to listen to some songs,like the buffalo one and the eagle one. And he showed us his medicen stick.There was an eagle foot hanging off of it. That was fun, we all got to touch it. He showed us his gold medel that he got from the queen and she's been sitting on the throne for fifty years. And we learned a lot.