Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow
"What the Elders Have to Say"
Eel Ground School 

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Once when Joseph Leonard came in, he brought a big bag full of a big stick and it had a medicine wheel on it. That represents the four directions,north, east, west and south.It had an eagle foot on there and it had lots of feathers and it had ribbins, just like at a bithday party. And it had big balls of medicine and it had a braid of sweetgrass.This is how the story goes. Joseph Leonard's father was clearing the yard to bulid a sweat...lodge. To bulid a sweat lodge and they found this weird looking stick. It looked like it had, pine cones on there.Big pine cones that were alive.They picked it up and they put it in his house. They stood it up straight and it started to turn red and it started to glow red. They said,"That must be magic or something." A man called, said he was so sick and asked if he had any medicine, to Joseph Leonard's father. He said, "Yes, I do.I have some medicine and I think it's called a medicine stick." He gave some medicine off the tree to him and they said, "take this two times a day for one week." In one week, he was feeling better, the very sick man's wife called and said that he took a walk and he was feeling has better.She said that,"He has never took a walk in such a long time so,thank you."