Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow
"What the Elders Have to Say"
Joseph Leonard
Eel Ground 

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I went in the classroom and I sat down. I seen little elders.And I can see different grandmothers and different grandfathers, they're young but they're not always going to be young. So I was honored by that. I see a need for this, our people have been telling stories from the beginning of time.There isn't a measuring tape or there is no measuring devise that can measure the age of these stories. Because ever since the person or people have begun to speak,that's how long the stories have been with us. And as long as people contunue to live and make mistakes, there will always be stories. These stories have been given to me and then I use them on myself, these stories. I don't take it very lightly. there's hardly anyone that you can't help with a story, to help them look at themselves. I needed something in my life that I didn't know was there, so my culture was fading away. And I heard a comment one day on the radio or somewhere that if you want to go visit the Micmac people, you have to go to a museum. That really opened my eyes. I said have we gone that far that we can not or we don't choose to pick up our own culture and our customs? Because if we don't pick them up now, we may have to pay a dollar or two dollars to go into a museum to look behind a plate of glass and say, "There. That's the Micmac people, they're behind there.And there's their bones." I don't want the Micmac people or the Mi'kmaq people to be extinct and their ways and their ways of teaching the children to be a thing of the past. I want them to take them into the world and share it with the other people and the people should be proud of their culture and their way of life. It doesn't matter how big of a piece of the culture it is that you take, it will grow. But if you just say, "It has no value what so ever", then that's how it's going to look to you. But to somebody else, that little portion of that culture can grow to be a great big stong nation,like it was before. Myself, I've seen a lot of good things come from this your equpiment. all your comeputers and things like that but we still have to take care of our children also. They can get lost inside of that equpment because there are story tellers in there. They're not very good story tellers.They have another kind of story to tell our children, to lure them away from us, so there's a big fight over our children.The ones that want to teach them about their culture and the ones that want to lead them down that other road. We want to keep our children, we want to keep them strong. It may help our children to stay focused on their culture and not to waunder too far from our village.