Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow
"What the Elders Have to Say"
Young Warrior
Eel Ground School 

Transcript: [-]
Long ago, there was a honsome, young warrior.Every girl was after him in his tribe but he thought he was too good for every one. One day he went walking and he met up with this really old man. He asked the old man how he got to live so long.And the old man mentioned a name, "Kluskap". This gave the young warrior an idea.The next morning before dawn, the young warrior set out in his canoe to go see Kluskap. His journey took him through high waves,then through higher waves and then yet even more higher waves. After his long journey, the young warrior arrived at Kluskap's wikwam. Mother bear was there to greet him. Kluskap kindly let the young warrior into his wigwam. Mother bear was already cooking breakfast and offered some to the warrior because of his long journey. The young warrior accepted the offer and helped himself to almost all the food. Kluskap wasn't verry pleased with the way the young warrior acted."Young warrior, would you tell me why-" Kluskap could not finish what he wanted to say because the young warrior interupted him."I know you have great powers and I want to live forever with no one bothering me." Demanded the young warrior."I want to live forever and be a medicine man." Kluskap looked at the young warrior with great dissapointment because of the way he disrespected him. Kluskap told the young warrior to jump in the canoe with him and Mother bear.Kluskap, Mother bear and the young warrior floated through the rough waves and then through more rough waves and then yet even more rough waves. Finally, they ended up on the island. Kluskap asked the young warrior on last time,"Are you sure this is what you want?" "Of corse this is what I want. I told you already, I want to live forever and be a medicine man." The young warrior responded. "Step out of my canoe and stand on the island." Ordered Kluskap. So the young warrior did what he was told. He stood in the middle of the island and waited but nothing happened. Mother bear was laughing as Kluskap pattled away from the island.The young warrior was getting impatiant so he decited to take a walk. He lifted his leg but felt a sudden stiffness in it. He was struggling to get out of the spot but he couldn't move. Suddenly an eagle flew down and circled around the young warrior and started to peck at him.Then he noticed something wrong. He looked at his feet and to his surprise, his legs had turned into a tree. "That Kulskap turned me into a tree!" He shouted in a furious voice. The young warrior got what he wanted, he was going to live forever as a tree. But not just any tree, a medicine tree. From that day on, when a person visited the island, they could see the young warrior standing as a cedar tree with no one bothering him,just as he had wished.