Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow
"What the Elders Have to Say"
Albert Marshall

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Right now we can read a prayer to the seven directions.

Number one is the East. The East is the place of the sunrise. The East is a place of rebirth, newness of life. And it is also a direction of the Creator and of course the season is Spring. And the element is Water and the time of the day is Morning. And the sacred medicine of course is Sweet Grass and the stage of life of course is Birth.

The direction of the South; it?s the direction of Mother Earth and the season of course is Summer and the element is Fire. The time of the day is Afternoon and the sacred medicine is Sage and the stage of life is Adolescence.

The direction of the West; it's a direction of the Grandfather. The season is the Fall. The element is the Earth. Time of the day is Evening and the stage of this life is Adulthood.

The direction of the North; the direction of the North is Grandmother and the season of course is Winter. The element is Air. Time of day is Night. The stage of life is Old Age.

And at this point we are very well reminded that true life, everything in every direction, every move we make, we have to give thanks to the Seven Directions; the four directions I have mentioned and the direction above, for the Creator, the Earth, and the seventh one being myself. Which through my daily prayers reminds me that I am interconnected and intertwined with everything that is alive, that our Mother Earth has provided for us. So it is important on a daily basis that we give thanks for all the blessings, all the gifts that our Creator has given us. And it is our responsibility that the kind of footprints we are leaving behind will always be good, so that we will not be compromising the future generations of their opportunities, not only to sustain themselves but to appreciate, and to respect, and to love all the gifts that the Creator has given us.